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Poovar Island Resort,Trivandrum

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Poovar Island Resort, Trivandrum Kerala Spa ResortUnspoilt & miraculously unexplored, Poovar Island is a rare find in Southern Kerala. Enveloped by the most serene backwaters and opening out to the Sea and a dream golden beach, this Island Resort is Truly a window into Paradise.

Nearest Airport : Trivandrum - 32 kms 45 minutes drive
Nearest Railway Station : Trivandrum - 28 kms 45 minutes drive
Nearest Bus Station : Poovar- 02 kms 5 minutes drive

Theres a lot to do in idyllic Poovar besides soaking in nature. Laze on the hammocks, sunbathe on the beach, take in an ayurvedic massag, row to a neighboring fishing village or opt for one of our conducted tours.

At Poovar we take pride in the state of the art kitchen we have installed. It is an ideal venue to satiate every gastronomic need. There is a choice of western, Asian and Indian cuisine to choose from at our coffee Shop - Tiffins. For a quite romantic dinner we have The Fish Market - Our specialty sea food floating restaurant famous for its delectable cuisine. The restaurant is open for dinners only and serves a wide variety of sea-food specialties in tradtional kerala style preperations or continental style.

Ayurveda Center

A Sarovar Park Plaza Resort
Poovar Island Resort, Trivandrum Kerala Spa ResortAt Poovar Island Resort we have created the perfected ambience to enjoy, understand and absorb the ancient remedies of Ayurveda. Make you date with nature and ancient wisdom, discover the secrets of Ayurveda and how it can benefit your body as well as soul!

Ayurveda ("Knowledge of Life") - This ancient and time proven health science of India has been preserved and practised in India since the early part of last century. At Poovar we have continued to practise and preserve this ancient medicinal form in its purest state. At Poovar we have a team of experienced doctors who have made it easy for one to absorb and understand as well as imbibe the tenets of this Science.

Aim of Ayurveda & our Ayurveda Mandir: We strive to help one estabilish prime health in every person be it physical, mental or Spiritual. This is achieved by establishing an energitic equilibrium in the functions of the body humors, and simultaneously through an alteration in life style in conformity with the simple laws of nature.

The Diet at Poovar: The science dictates our Chefs in he Kitchen for a change! We have developed keeping in mind the strict stipulations of the ancient science a range of food products to suit every person or "body type". The diet is considered critical to the effectiveness of the treatments / programs and we have taken special care in training our Chefs to understand and appreciate this special need. The food is delectable BUT ayurvedic!!

About Poovar Island Resort | Location | Dining | Services & Facilities | Ayurveda Center | Programs offered at Poovar


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